• How should I store a Professional Steel pan?

It is preferable to hang the pan in the kitchen if this is possible, this way the pan is not as likely to be affected by oxidation, and it is also easier to monitor for rust. If you want to store the pan in a cupboard then a kitchen cloth can be placed on top if other objects will be in contact with it. It is generally not recommeded to wipe the pan with oil after use, as explained here, although there are excemptions to this rule.

  • Does Professional Steel contain either PFOA or PTFE?

No, in no part of any Professional Steel cookware does it contain either of these toxic substances.

  • Is the Glaze Wax coating on Professional Steel food grade safe?

Yes, Professional Steel has testing certificates from FDA, and EEC.  Various Professional Steel items have been sold in a number of countries for up to 5 years, with much success.

  • Is Professinal Steel oven safe?

Yes, Professional Steel has very high heat resistance.  Please note that if the handle attached to the Professional Steel cooking utensil is either stainless steel or silicone then it is oven safe, however if it is bakelite or wooden then it is not oven safe.

  • What heat setting should I use with Professional Steel on a stove?

Professional Steel transfers heat very fast.  Always use a low-medium heat, over-heating can damage the pan and burn the food.

  • What should I do if smoke appears from the pan?

If smoke appears from the pan it is because of overheating, if this happens the temperature should be reduced immediately

  • Is Professional Steel Induction safe?

Yes, Professional Steel is compatible with all cooking top surfaces, including induction.

  • Is Professional Steel microwave oven safe?

No, Professional Steel should never be used in a microwave oven.

  • Should I always add cooking oil before each use?

Yes, in order to develop the natural non-stick patina on the pan it is advisable to add oil (preferably sunflower or soyabean oil) before each use.

Every consumer should follow these instructions before each use:

     Remove packaging and wash thoroughly with washing-up liquid. Hand wash in hot soapy water with a scouring pad.  Put the pan on a medium heat setting and wait for all the moisture to evaporate.  Once the pan is completely dry apply oil evenly around the interior surface.  The pan is now ready to use.

  • Is Professional Steel metal utensil safe?

Yes, metal utensils along with wooden, rubber and plastic can all be used on Professional Steel items.

  • Is Professional Steel dishwasher safe?

No, hand wash only with hot water and mild soap. Do not clean in dishwasher or soak in water.  To remove food residue, gently scrub with sponge or nonabrasive scrubber.  Be careful not to remove the seasoning or patina.  Dry completely.  Before storing, lightly season by wiping pan interior with a few drops of cooking oil.

  • What if my pan develops rust spots?

If pan develops rust spots, scrub area with steel wool or stiff brush.  Rinse, dry and wipe with oil.

  • Can I leave my pan to soak in the sink?

No, if this is done then the pan will rust.

  • What is the guarantee for Professonal Steel items?

If the use & care instructions are adhered to then a Professional Steel item should be used with comfortable ease in a kitchen for at least 5 years.

  • How do I remove black scorch marks from the pan?

Removing black scorch from pans is not very difficult. You can use salt to do this, please read here for more information.

  • How do I know when is the best time to add oil and ingredients to a Professional Steel cookware?

Generally speaking Professional Steel cookware is most appropiate for high heat cooking. The best method to determine when the pan is ready to start cooking is to pre-heat the pan, then a droplet of water on the pan. If the Leidenfrost Effect appears, then the pan is at the right temperature for optimum browning/ searing/ grilling/ and stir frying.

  • What are the advantages of Professional Steel compared to aluminum cookware?

There are many advantages, such as durablity and heating effect, please read here for more information.

  • What are the advantages of Professional Steel compared to stainless steel cookware?

There are many advantages, such as non-stick release and heating effect, please read here for more information.

  • What are the advantages of Professional Steel compared to cast iron cookware?

There are many advantages, such as durablity and heating effect, please read here for more information.


  1. Hello Professional Steel,

    I purchased what I believe to be one of your pans in TJMAXX. It is called Pro Steel but doesn’t have a manufacturer on the packaging. I ended up here at your blog by photo searching for the pan I purchased. I finally landed here and see the exact pan on your page here http://www.steel-pan.net/blog/professional-steel-vs-cast-iron/ it’s the first picture, it is the steel pan on the bottom, below the cast iron one.
    I would like to be positive that this pan does not have a non-stick coating of any type at all? It seems like it does have a non-stick coating and preforms like it does. I do not use any non-stick cookware, I only use cast iron. However, I saw your pan in a local store and thought due to the packaging, ability to use metal on it, and claim of no chemicals it was NOT a non-stick pan. I am doubting that now after cleaning it and using it. Can you please confirm wether or not this pan has an actual non-stick coating? And if your “wax glaze” is actually a type of chemical non-stick coating?

    A simple ‘yes it is non-stick coated’ or ‘no’ will be best. I’ve already read about the convoluted “glaze” – I just want a straight answer.

    I’ve already purchased your pan, so no money lost for you there. I do not intend to purchase anymore due to the lack of transparency in wether or not the pan is actually coated or not. There is also seemly no way to contact this company directly. There is a forum online with a thread dedicated to these pans and trying to find out if they are chemically coated. Please provide the answer so we can be conscious consumers.

    Thank you for your time.

    1. admin

      Hello Emily,

      We are glad to have you bringing questions to us! Seems you are a great cook and understand a lot of characteristics about cookware.
      We are a factory in China, the website is intended to let people know more about un-coated carbon steel cookware.
      But we can not be sure that the brand you refer actually sales our product. But if the product was bought in TJMAXX, we think its pretty legit.

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