Designed for sizzing meat or food with fat, the Professional Steel pans are made of 99% iron, providing extra high iron supplement than nonstick coated cookware. Professional Steel is the ideal choice for those who want to use a non-toxic, restaurant-quality cookware item in their kitchen.

Professional Steel performs outstandingly well at high temperatures to quickly seal in vitamins and nutrients. Beautifully sears,browns and grills foods that coated pans cannot. The more you use Professional Steel, the better it performs, as it darkens naturally and becomes nonstick over time.

Free of chemicals, PFOA and PTFE coatings, Professional Steel naturally enhances the flavor of steaks, seafood, omelettes , crepes and more, by sealing in nutrients under high heat. Professional Steel is much easier for the consumer to begin cooking with than a traditional lacquer coated cookware.  Unlike non-stick pans, Professional Steel is safe to use at high temperatures, as well as with metal objects, such as knives, forks and spatulas.

Advantages of Professional Steel compared to other types of cookware.

1)No chemical added. With temperately anti-rust layer sprayed onto the surface, it is relatively easy for the consumer to remove and then once they start cooking the cookware is chemical-free. This means no PTFE/PFOA or any other non-stick coating substances will be on the pan’s surface.

2) Health benefits. Professional steel contains iron, which is healthy for the body whereas aluminum, for example, is known to react with acidic foods.

3) Non-stick release .If maintained well, and used regularly, Professional Steel’s non-stick effect gets better and better. Unlike stainless steel, if oil is added each time before cooking, the pan builds up a layer of fat which settles on the pan ,  making the pan darker with a better non-stick release.

4)Induction safe. Because steel is magnetic, unlike aluminum or copper, it can be used on induction cooking tops. Also, because there is no coating, there is no risk that the surface can be damaged by over-heating.

5) Better cooking result. During the cooking process Professional Steel can reach temperature of up to 180 degrees faster than other substrates ,such as aluminum .This means the with Professional Steel food can sizzle and retain its vitamin content much better.

6) Long-term use .Steel is 3 times denser than aluminum. This means Professional Steel cookware is both more durable and more cost-effective than aluminum.


“Patina” is a culinary term for the acquired change in the appearance of the surface of a cooking vessel.

With a Professional Steel pan, a patina develops when fat comes into contact with the surface of the metal.

The fat penetrates the material and by doing so, it transforms from a dull and dry surface into a slick and supple one.

Patina Benefits:

There are numerous benefits of the Patina non-stick surface on a Carbon Steel pan, especially when compared to a general PTFE non-stick coating.

The main advantage is its durability; even if it is removed through over-heating , scratching or an inappropriate washing method the surface can be renewed and the pan can be used with a non-stick release again .

In contrast, a chemical non-stick coating, such as PTFE, is prepared and sprayed on the pan by the factory. Once this manufactured coating starts to peel off, crack or just loses its non-stick release then it has become obsolete for further use.

Color Change Progress :

The patina layer will go through a color change progress: black and even → discolor and uneven → black , even and shiny

Black steel and Blue steel:

Grey steel:

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