Patina Non-Stick Grey Steel

“Patina” is a culinary term for the acquired change in the appearance of the surface of a cooking vessel. With a Professional Steel pan, a patina develops when fat comes into contact with the surface of the metal. The fat penetrates the material and in doing so, transforms it from a dull and dry surface into a slick and supple one.

Nonstick vessels don’t grow and mature with the cook. The surface comes ready from the factory and can only get worse over time. A patina on the other hand is an organic, dyname surface that is sensitive to its surroundings. When a steel pan is seasoned enough to acquire one, the patina becomes virtually nonstick.

1. Glaze wax anti-rust protected pan


2. The more the pan blackens, the less it sticks


3. Seasoned Non-stick Patina


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