How to Save a Rust Pan?

How to Save a Rust Pan?

Most people who bought a Carbon Steel Pan know the advantages and the weakness of the pan,

so they definitely know how to treat and store the pan properly. However, sometimes mistakes are inevitable.

Maybe your family member try to make themselves a meal but had no idea how to treat a Carbon Steel Pan.

Or one just simply forgot to clean the pan or even leave it in the sink overnight. Behaviors above could damage the

pan badly and make it rust. But hey, don’t worry!  A Carbon Steel Pan is a cookware for a lifetime. So do not freak out or throw the pan away when rust appears. It will be just as new after following the procedures below.

How to Remove the Rust

  • Method A

1. Simply use a steel wool or scouring pad to scrub off the rust.
2. Use paper towel to wipe the pan dry.

3.Re-season the pan.

  • Method B

1. Fill the pan with some water; add the same amount of vinegar in the pan.
2. Put the pan on a medium heat, and wait till the water starts boil.
3. Keep the water boil for a few minutes, and then pour out the water.
4. The remain rusts should be easy to scrub off now.
5. Re-season the pan.

Remember, rusts must be remove from the inside and outside.

And you HAVE TO re-season the pan after removing the rust.
Otherwise it will get rust easily since there is no layer to block the pan surface from the oxygen.


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