Grey Steel

Grey Steel pans are made from cold-rolled steel. To truly perform its ability, Grey Steel Pans require seasoning, a process that bonds oil to the pan. By doing so, it not only provides a layer of protection but also starts the process of making the pan nonstick.

To be noted, after each use, it is normal that the color of the pan gets darker and darker. It is the general Patina growing process; the pan will become black and shiny eventually. Most people who choose a Grey Steel Pan found the seasoning process interesting and satisfying.


The Advantages

Long term Use

Carbon Steel Pan has the longest lifetime comparing to all other cookwares. The strong construction and thick gauge makes it uneasy to warp. If maintained well, a carbon steel pan can be used for decades, even you’re whole life. Unlike PFOA/PTFE coating pans, they won’t last for two years or even one.


High Heat Retention

One of the best things a Carbon Steel Pan can do is to sear the food fast and properly. This gives the food a crusty surface texture and seals in the juices. Its superior heat distribution and durability makes the surface temperature of the pan more stable. Furthermore, Carbon Steel Pans are born to be the best cookware for Chinese cuisine. Due to its high heat resistance, Carbon Steel performs outstandingly well in stir frying. The pan sizzles all the ingredients right away, makes your stir-fries tastes even better.



Without PFOA/PTFE coating, Carbon Steel Pans still performs well in non-stick. However, in order to achieve this, seasoning is required. By seasoning, a layer of Patina will grow on the surface of the pan, and makes the pan become nonstick.


Chemical Free

Our Professional Steel Products do not include PTFE/PFOA or any other toxic chemicals.

Therefore, it is 100% metal utensil safe.



Without toxic chemicals, Carbon Steel pan generates the least pollution among all the cookwares. Furthermore, the high heating and maintaining effect can not only save energy, but also save your time and money. By using a Carbon Steel Pan, you will only need one third of time to finish cooking.



Carbon Steel contains iron. And iron is good for human health; it prevents us from getting iron deficiency anemia.  Lots of study shows the result that food cooked in Carbon Steel Pans contains significantly more iron than cooking in other types of cookwares.