Cooking with Carbon Steel Pans

You might be familiar with cooking with a stainless steel or aluminium cookware, and consider cooking with a Carbon Steel Pan will be the same. However, it isn’t. There are actually differences among all of them. After understanding the characteristics of Carbon Steel Pan, it is time to know some facts when cooking with a Carbon Steel Pan.


Carbon Steel Pan fits all cooktops. Unlike Stainless Steel&Aluminium Pans, they need to put an extra magnetic bottom in order to work on inductions. But remember to go easy with the heat when cooking with induction. Because induction sends heat directly and powerfully through the bottom of the pan.


Cooking is not only about the the fancy cookware or the high class ingredients; heat controlling is also the key of making a delightful cuisine. Always remember medium heat is enough for your daily cooking task. The pan heats up real fast and stays hot for a long time. Carbon Steel Pans can be heat up over 300°C easily and safely, but do notice that 160°C-200°C is already enough for cooking, it is unnecessary to heat up more since the food will be already burnt by the time.


All utensils can be used on a Carbon Steel Pan since there is no coating on the pan. Therefore, no toxic issues and no need to worry about damaging the pan surface. It is strong enough to take the scratches you give because it’s just metal. So, use whatever kind of utensil you want  as long as you’re happy.

Avoid Acid

One thing you should keep in mind is try to avoid cooking with something sour in a Carbon Steel Pan. Something like wine, tomatoes, vinegar, etc. These acid ingredients will react with the surface of the pan. Although it won’t do harm to human body but it will  take away the Patina you built. This doesn’t mean you can’t cook the acid ingredients at all, but remember to make it quick and try not to do it often.

Dry Heat Cooking

Carbon Steel LOVES FAT, HATES WATER. It performs best when it comes to frying, searing, stir frying. However, it is not recommend to make stew, soup, etc. Since too much water might damage the Patina you built, and increases the chances of making the pan rust.

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