About Stir-Frying

When it comes to Chinese food, most people would think about stir-frying immediately. But what exactly is a stir-fry? Generally, a stir-fry is a simple dish of meat, vegetable or a combination of both that is cooked quickly over high heat in a wok.  The tip for a good stir-fry is to make a perfect preparation. Most of the ingredients are chopped into cubes in order to cook the food thoroughly and faster.

Can I use a skillet to stir-fry?

Yes, you can use a skillet, too. But it won’t perform as good as a wok. What makes a Wok the best cookware for a stir-fry is mostly because of its shape. The shape of a wok prevents the ingredients from falling out the pan while stir-frying; and with its curve surface, more cooking sides can be used to cook the food evenly.

What kind of skillet should I choose?

The bigger ones, cause there are lots of  ingredients needed to be add in the pan.

You don’t want to use a small pan; otherwise ingredients will fall out the pan during cooking.

Can I use a nonstick Wok/Pan?

Not recommended. Because nonstick products usually have coatings on their surface, and the coating can’t resist scratch nor high heat.

What kind of Wok should I choose?

Obviously, an non-coated carbon steel wok is the best choice. But also, the bigger is the better. A 14” wok can finish all the jobs and feed your whole family.

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